New Year’s Resolution vs New Year’s Rediscovery

For some, the past year may have been one of personal triumph, or a roller coaster of events and emotions – maybe even both. Setting rigid New Year’s Resolutions can be very limiting. One of the best ways to help is to set smart achievable and attainable check-ins (goals). Rediscovering your “Why”, sets you up to be motivated in achieving your goals. As long as you continue to live your fullest and heathiest life, you shouldn’t worry about whether you follow your goal as all or nothing approach. I like to think of revitalizing , recharging, resetting, rejuvenating my upcoming year into four major cornerstones: Keep it simple! Don’t overwhelm yourself with overthinking one day at a time.
Cornerstone One: Food
The first cornerstone is food. The food you eat is so important to your personal wellness journey because it can have the most direct impact
on your body. Healthy, nourishing foods make you feel energized and revitalized, and unhealthy foods make you feel sluggish and bloated. Not only that, but eating wholesome food also makes you look beautiful on the outside as you feel on in the inside.
The second cornerstone: Body
Your body is your home. It’s where you live, play, relax, learn, grow, and just be. A home is where you feel cozy, safe, secure, and loved. That’ s the feeling we all deserve to have in our bodies. This can be achieved in so many ways not only through exercise, but also through daily practices and routines to nourish your body to help you feel present as a whole person creating a sense of active well-being through self-awareness.
Cornerstone Three: Emotional Well-Being
Chronic acute daily stress whether personal , professional, or physical can have a negative impact on health. Negative emotions are a sign of unhappiness in your life, and they can take a toll on your body in unexpected ways- like bloating, inflammation, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders etc.. To nurture your emotional well-being, you must create a deeper emotional connection to yourself- this means processing , feeling, and resolving your feeling in a healthy way. Self -Care = Self Sustainability =Self -Love.
Cornerstone Four: Spiritual Growth
The fourth cornerstone, spiritual growth, isn’t solely about religion-it’s about spirit. It’s about being in touch with your true self ,authentic self and becoming more centered and peaceful in the process. When you connect with yourself, you don’t take your imperfections real or perceived as seriously. You are more grounded, compassionate, loving, and grateful for the gift of your life and your loved ones.
Creating your own Rediscovery – what inspired you and gave you a sense of purpose and passion this past year? Write them down into categories – spiritual, personal, and professional. Focus on your intentions start with a new habit, pattern, and experience a week by taking baby steps. Get uncomfortable step out of your comfort zone that’s where growth and creativity happen rewiring your brain bringing joy and fun into your life. Aspire to reach your full potential let your beautiful energy shine with grace and gratitude. Rediscover your sense of worth, value, confidence, and most of all self -love so you can be the best version of yourself and to those in your life.