Corporate Wellness

Are you ready to help your employees make lasting changes, live healthier lives, and be more productive?

Are your employees chronically stressed out, performing poorly, overweight, discouraged, frustrated, not eating well, tired and aching? There is an almost unending amount of evidence showing the short term and long-term benefits to both employees and employers who implement worksite wellness programs. Research has shown that programs that offer a more personal approach with a wellness coach available to help employees meet their wellness goals tend to be more successful.

Catherine Canadeo’s Customized “Best Practice” Workplace Wellness Program Benefits:


• The incidence of chronic illness/disease
• Sickness related absenteeism
• Employee Turnover
• Workplace Stress and Injuries
• Rising Health Care Costs


• Employee Moral
• Job Satisfaction
• Team Work
• Productivity
• Health and Well-Being

Personalized Workshops:

• Sugar Blues
• Stress Management
• Conscious Eating
• Sleep
• Nutrition
• Emotional Well Being
• Eating for Energy
• Weigh less Live More
• Self Care

What is a comprehensive “best practice” workplace wellness program?

A comprehensive best practice wellness program involves the CEO, executive team, and all employees. The program deals with all major health risks, offers choices, targets both the employees and the worksite environment, and provides periodic evaluation of its results.

Best Practice Criteria:


1. Employ features and incentives that are consistent with the organization’s core mission, goals, operations, and administrative structures.
2. Operate at multiple levels, simultaneously addressing individuals, environmental, policy, and cultural factors in the organization.
3. Target the most important health-care issues among the employee population.
4. Engage and tailor diverse components to the unique needs and concerns of individuals.
5. Achieve high rates of engagement and participation, both in the short and long term, in a defined “core program”.
6. Achieve successful health outcomes, cost savings, and additional organizational objectives.
7. Are evaluated based upon clear definitions of success, as reflected in scorecards and metrics agreed upon by all relevant constituencies.

Effective corporate culture wellness programs recognize the importance of building a supportive cultural environment. People have a sense of community, a shared vision, and a positive outlook. Policies promote and support wellness efforts within the workplace.

Healthy cultural signs in a company are:

• Employees communicate openly
• Leaders support diversity of opinion
• Employees have fun
• Policies support wellness
• Employees are encouraged to grow
• Employees work together as a team
• Employees’ skills and talents are matched to their job
• Flexible work schedules are available
• Employers consider employees their most valuable asset

Health Screening:

The backbone of wellness programming at the worksite is health screening. It is the first major activity a company should do when starting a wellness program. Many times, health screening is used in conjunction with administration of a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)

Health Screening Programs:

• Nutrition / Diet
• Biometric assessments (cholesterol, blood press, glucose, fitness)
• Smoking
• Diabetes
• Stress / Emotional health
• Cardiovascular
• Hormonal Imbalance
• Autoimmune Disease
• Digestive Disorders

Worksite Site Alternative Holistic and Integrative Approach:

• Breathing Techniques
• Tapping
• Transcend Meditation
• Guided Imagery
• De-Stressing
• Mind -Body Connection
• Getting Motivated
• Energy Healing
• Mindfulness
• Living Intuitively
• Aromatherapy
• Medical Massage
• Self Empowerment

The menu approach encourages a high level of participation in health improvement programs. It offers employees a range of options to support lifestyle changes. It allows people to choose the kind of help that suits their schedule and preferences.

About Catherine Canadeo

Catherine is a Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, AADP. is board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is a Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Wellness Ambassador. Catherine’s education has equipped her with cutting edge knowledge and innovative coaching methods for practical lifestyle management.

Catherine has presented to and coached many corporate executives at companies and organizations including Wells Fargo, Northwell Health, Apple Bank, First National Bank of LI, NY Spine Institute, Ion Media TV, Loop-Loc, Atria Senior Living, New York City Department of Education, Glen Cove Hospital, Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, Long Island Autism Communities, Westbury School District, Friends Academy, Portledge School, Curve Pay, Creative Plan Designs, National EAP, Woman’s Professional Organization (YPO), The Creek, Piping Rock, and Brookville Country Clubs, and The EGC Group.

Please email me at or call me directly at 516-849-2564.