February, 2021

The first time I saw Catherine, I immediately connected with her. She was a featured speaker during a women’s retreat. Her one hour with the group resonated profoundly with me. She talked about story telling; and how stress decreases when we tell our stories. She talked about taking the mess and creating a message… And believe me, my life, at that point, was a mess. Believe me when I did not realize how much my life was about to change.

If Catherine had not been in my life for the past 9 weeks I would have been depleted, exhausted and in complete disarray.

So how did I get to rocking it as a mother, as a wife, an ex-wife, and a daughter?

Here’s how:
I began seeing Catherine in private virtual sessions. During my first visit with Catherine, she asked me to define where my happy place is, what does it look like and how do I feel, what smells are associated with that place. I immediately thought about the town I lived in when I was a little girl. I am French, the happy place I picked was that French village. We talked about incorporating more French based food into my daily diet. We also discussed getting body lotion and essential oil that reminded me of my happy place. It wasn’t until later in our sessions that what we did in the first session came full circle.

At the conclusion of our first hour and a half, it felt like we had been talking for 10 minutes. It also felt like she was the friend, confident, sounding board that I had been looking for a while. It was no coincidence that her path crossed mine. I needed her insights, I needed her unconditional love, and I needed the gentle push to reconnect with myself, my husband, my children, my parents, and my deceased grandparents.

During subsequent sessions, we discussed Anticipated Negative Though Syndrome (ANTS). This is when I had my first OMG moment (first of many). Catherine helps me realize how to respond to situation instead of reacting to a crisis. She coached me on how to respond to situation related to my ex-husband and my parents. She helped me see where I need boundaries in my life. Catherine taught me that attending to my own needs was not selfish, it was actually self-preservation and absolutely required if by the end of the day I didn’t want to end up, upset at my kids and husband for little things. I learned that taking a bath with lavender oil is not a luxury, but a necessity for me to decompress and recenter myself. That means that time alone is sacred, and I needed to learn to close the door.

Catherine helped me realize that once I will learn how to control my emotions, my emotions will no longer control me. Catherine explained to me that my beliefs become my thoughts, my thoughts become my words, my words become my actions (behavior) and my actions/behavior become my reality (the person I am). She taught me breathing exercises to calm me in case of a situation with work, or with my ex-husband. She asked me to repeat ALL IS WELL.

Catherine helped me change my relationship with food. With her help and motivation, I completely emptied my pantry and threw away/donated all the food that did not serve my body, that was not nutritive. I stopped all gluten, eggs, cow milk and my body saw changes within a week. My brain fog was gone, my body was not bloated anymore. And for the first time, I was able to decrease the intensity of my headache with meditation, breathing exercises, lavender essential oil and drinking water. This experience taught me that I could heal me in other ways than pharmaceutical medicine.
Catherine introduced me to a completely new library of books: the immune system recovery plan (to help me cleanse my body and help me better understand my autoimmune disease), the juice bible (to make shakes for any type of emotions or illness – amazing!), the brain maker (to understand the connection between gut health and brain health) but most of all, she introduced me to the series of books called warrior goddess. All these books have given me the foundation for a healthier, more centered, high energy, loving, setting boundaries me. And I love the woman I have become thanks to Catherine’s intuitiveness, her selfless guidance, and her contagious laugh.

I can’t wait to see what’s next because I am not done growing, I am not done exploring and I am not done blossoming as the warrior goddess that my grandmother, mother, and daughter would be proud of.

Delphine C.

February, 2021

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with Catherine after recovery from both COVID-19 and a long-term toxic relationship. After our first conversation, I knew my life would never be the same. Catherine listened, providing such valuable insight as if we had been friends for years. She gave me validation and clarity to deep rooted issues I had never really addressed. After only three sessions, she informed me there is no need to further discuss my Ex as I had ended that part of my life. And just like that, I got my closure and changed my focus to the most important person in my life, me.
Once I redirected my priorities, I accepted that no longer were every one’s needs more important than my own. I needed to take care of myself which started with evaluating my choices in food. I had no idea how much my diet was holding me back from reaching my true potential. I embraced all Catherine’s suggestions and have never felt better in my life. After only weeks, I had completely changed my diet, instantly seeing the results. Now at 50 years old, I feel like I am starting this new, fantastic chapter of my life thanks to Catherine showing me the way. I will be forever grateful.

Deena L.

February, 2021

When I first met Catherine Canadeo it was at a women’s retreat and she was hosting a session titled “It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you”.
After that session I began taking 6 personal sessions with Catherine. I have to admit I was both nervous and excited because I’ve always thought myself to not be the type of person to seek out any type of personal counseling. To my surprise it was nothing that I expected, she was open and relatable to everything that we spoke about even at times sharing her own personal experiences which made me feel even more comfortable to speak with her.
Catherine helped me to realize that the only reason that I was feeling “stuck” in my life
was because I basically stopped listening and communicating with myself. She gave me pointers on how to “MAKE MY MESS MY MESSAGE”. I just love that quote.
These past six sessions with Catherine have helped me to get the ball rolling on the future that I have always seen for myself, but now thought was a missed opportunity.
I would recommend anyone to have a session with Catherine whether it be for
nutrition reasons, autoimmune issues or like me – if you think you need to drop a few
pounds- which I did, just by changing up a few things in my daily routine.
Catherine has made a great impact, not only in my life but the lives of all of my family and friends with whom I can’t help but share all of the valuable information she has shared with me.

Renate M.

May, 2019

Where do I begin…My initial reason for seeing Catherine Canadeo was to lose weight.  I realized once I met her I was in for somewhat of an education.  Catherine’s knowledge, background and expertise goes way beyond nutrition.  She has so many strengths that she shares with her clients.  Catherine has taught me how everything is connected.  Mind, body and spirit.  She is a nutritionist, life coach and health coach.

I can’t begin to tell you how much she has helped me in all areas of my life….My approach, how I see things, and my relationship with myself and others.  At each of our sessions I am amazed with the knowledge and understanding of myself that she brings out in me.  She repeats this information she shares until she sees that you are really getting it.  When that happens Catherine will say, “This is big, let’s keep going.”

I was in quite a dark place when I came to see Catherine.  I suffered a loss that was consuming me. I will never be over my loss and nor do I want to, but again I am connected in other ways, my approach and the way I honor him.  Thank you Catherine!

I am healing each day.  After only a few sessions I felt a change in myself, as did others.  My sessions with Catherine are invaluable.  I will use what she has taught me and continues to teach me for the rest of my life.  Your gift to me Catherine…was the gift of myself!

By the way I am losing weight too!

Much love, peace and blessings Catherine


Flushing, NY

Catherine thank you for putting the pieces on my life back together. When we first met I felt worthless, scared for the future and I lost my identity with life and my family. You helped me regroup and see me again as I was prior to the hostile situation I was dealing with.  You helped me retrain my thoughts in order to get back into life and to be stronger than ever. I have a positive outlook again.

You helped me in all aspects of my life – career, family and self-care.

You taught me how to rely on me and my thoughts in order to love and be loved.

I could not have come this far without you. The lessons that you have taught me will forever be part of my life.

Your sincerity, dedication, professionalism and energy to your craft far exceeds what is normally seen. It is infectious and inspirational. Your ability to make insightful connections makes the healing journey that much more personal and effective.

Thank you, you have forever changed me and the way I live my life.


Vice President

Catherine Canadeo represents the true meaning of a professional with a “golden heart”. During a very difficult point in our lives we found this “loving, nurturing, intelligent” lady who turned our family’s life around.

Catherine empowered all of us to exceed our goals both personally and professionally. Her kindness coupled with compassion and selfless nature is a rarity in this world of challenge. I am forever thankful for the direction I received in finding Catherine.

Anyone that is seeking a “Life Coach” should look no further than contacting this amazing woman. I promise you that she will make the difference we all search for.

Marlene S.

Met Catherine some time ago. I was immediately impressed by her. Her knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy and its functions blew me away. She’s dedicated and committed to each and everyone of her clients. I immediately referred her to so many of my friends. She’s been such a great help to me. I know she can do the same for you. Thank you Catherine for being such a great life coach! ?

Dino Sgueglia

CEO/Founder, CurvePay

Who knew! For year’s I knew something was not right but felt it was impossible to pin point it. Fatigue, headaches, and a sweet tooth were all on the menu. I asked my general practitioner for an extra physical here and there over the years in an effort to identify something. I attempted my own “testing” of not eating certain foods and identifying what adversely affected me. However, all of my intentions and efforts were unsuccessful and I chalked it up to my “new normal.” My business partner mentioned Catherine to me and I called her immediately. What I thought would have been a five minute conversation turned into at least a thirty minute conversation. We were immediately aligned because Catherine was speaking my language and I was blown away with her knowledge and the ability to connect the dots. From that very first phone call Catherine truly started explaining the issues I was experiencing and most importantly, why I was experiencing them. It was absolutely enlightening and a breath of fresh air to say the least. What is additionally amazing after working with Catherine is how everything is tied together including our emotions, what we eat, our relationships, our bodies, and our careers. Somehow to my amazement, Catherine provides incredible clarity in identifying and achieving this ever so important balance. I truly feel lucky to have met Catherine and Dr. Dashiff and I look forward to living a healthier more fulfilling life not only for me but for my family! This is for real and I cannot thank them enough…

Thank you,

Mark Spencer

President, CurvePay

Catherine Canadeo has and will always be my beacon of support as I continue my journey into wellness. Leading a very busy, stressful and hectic life, Catherine shared with me best practices which I could easily incorporate for forging ahead into a healthier lifestyle. She made me a wiser consumer when in came to nutritional practices and education. She shared freely current research and methodologies, which when integrated into practice allowed me to see tremendous positive results in mind and body. Catherine was there for me every step of the way, and both literally and figuratively held my hand throughout the entire process. She monitored my routines, sat with me through medical testing, and lent her guidance and support in every possible way-in and out of the office. If I couldn’t get to her, she came to me. Her inner voice came through as I began carving out the necessary changes to be the best person that I can be. Her generosity, wise spirit, sensitivity and kindness is unsurpassed. I hold Catherine in the highest regard. Catherine saw me not just as a patient, but as a whole person, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Nancy Poulos

Administrator, New York City Department of Education